Join the Friisk Foriining’s youth group or the “Rökefloose” (“The Crows”)!

Hi there,

The Foriining is a young association doing young people a great service, too!

If you are looking for a group which is out and about a lot, doing things like driving in go-karts, free climbing, water-skiing, riding on so-called “Draisines” on closed railway-lines, and much more, you have come to the right people.

But we don’t stay in North Friesland only. Together with the “RÖKEFLOOSE” we are also active in the YEN organisation (Youth of European Nationalities) and are keeping up close contact to young people belonging to other national minorities in Europe.

And to make sure that everyone everywhere always knows what’s going on here in North Friesland, we every day are transmitting North Frisian news as a podcast:

Another tip: you’ll also find this webpage directly via!

If you feel like dropping by, simply send an email…